By Marc Cosentino

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  • The wonderful world of case studies!
  • Cases 101 & Evaluation
  • The interview
  • Challenging interview situations
  • Being a good closer
  • The ivy case system
  • How to analyze a business
  • Profit and Loss questions
  • Entering a new market
  • Pricing
  • Growth & additional points
  • Practice cases

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Case in Point Audio Course

The Wall Street Journal calls Case in Point the MBA Bible! 
Cosentino demystifies the consulting case interview. He takes you inside a typical interview by exploring the various types of case questions and he shares with you the acclaimed Ivy Case System which will give you the confidence to answer even the most sophisticated cases.

This course was built based on the Case in Point book, but for learning on-the-go using audio.

In this case interview prep course, we will discuss various case studies and strategies to pass them with flying colors!

Get recruited by McKinsey, BCG, Bain, Deloitte, and more - ace interviews at top consulting firms!

Master your interview case questions. Prepare on the go or at the gym with the Case in Point audio course

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